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      In response to the vigorous development of the global tourism industry and the development policy of my country's tourism industry, Chung Hwa University established the School of Tourism in 2007. In 2019, it cooperated with the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom to set up a double bachelor's degree in international tourism and hotel management taught in English and enrolled separately. degree program (ITHM). In 2020, the implementation of the Ministry of Education's college-centered plan has achieved good results. The master's class of the Tourism College will be recruited, and the bachelor's class of the Tourism College will be recruited in 2023.


       After the epidemic, tourism has fully recovered. The development trend of tourism is integration, multiple needs, and new types of service work. Traditional departmental studies cannot keep up with the rapidly changing industrial needs. The School of Tourism, Chung Hua University actively meets the development and challenges of post-epidemic tourism. Teachers and students innovate and transform, students learn across fields, and create more diverse employment and entrepreneurial capabilities. With the hospital as the core, it is combined with AI, big data, cloud and metaverse applications. The enrollment groups include: smart hotel catering management group, smart exhibition activity management group, and smart tourism group.


       The development vision of the Bachelor Program of Tourism College is to establish a school that meets international standards, innovates digital transformation, integrates industry and teaching, and cultivates international tourism, smart tourism, hotel and catering management, baking and cooking, conference and exhibition, event planning, travel agency and ferry. It is a higher education tourism institution for talents in resort management, air travel, tour guides, high-tech industry administration, etc. The goal of education is to cultivate international tourism management talents with sunshine characteristics, professional skills and enthusiasm for service. Emphasis on cross-domain technology, global mobility, and high-salary employment. The average salary of graduates exceeds the national private school tourism department.